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About us

The AutoAZ is an automotive parts distributor, which offers the largest centralized product range in Europe. The logistics centre occupying an area of 35,000 m2 has 7 million pieces of parts in stock, which ensures the fast and reliable supply of parts. The objective of AutoAZ is to make sure that the desired parts are easily available for the customers interested in vehicles. Based on many decades of experience in fast and reliable delivery to services the AutoAZ is capable of quickly identifying the searched parts using simple ordering processes and timely delivery to the destinations. In the portfolio 11,300,000 parts of 370 manufacturers are available. The offered range includes vehicle parts, vehicle accessories, vehicle care products, tools, garage equipment, truck and motorcycle parts. The most advanced logistics systems facilitate the efficient and fast service at the centre. We are a reliable family business founded in 1990!

Address of our logistics centre: Timót Street 5, 1097 Budapest, Hungary 

In number

  • 250 M
    • Turnover of EUR
  • 3.000
    • employee
  • 35.000m2
    • central warehouse
  • 12.000
    • customer / day
  • 600
    • manufacturer supplier
  • 6
    • european countries
  • 5
    • language

Why you should purchase from us?

  1. Huge stock
  2. 500,000 kinds of parts for 40,000 various vehicle types from stock
  3. Simple identification of parts
  4. Fast and trackable delivery
  5. Over 30 years long experience in vehicle parts distribution
European country
Germany German
Austria German
Slovakia Slovak
Czechia Czech
Hungary Hungarian
Romania Romanian

Our offered services

Various way of searching for parts

After entering into our Webshop, you may search in a number of ways for the product to be ordered.
Our objective is to make sure that you would find the desired product easily and quickly.

You may do it according to Article number /description (brand name) search, and you can enter the serial number of the product too. A list of the most likely hits is shown corresponding to the search while the text is being typed in.

During the search by type you may select in a traditional manner the data of the vehicle (manufacturer, model, engine, year of manufacture, design). Detailed data may be displayed in order to facilitate the selection. After selecting the actual vehicle, it is possible to search according to product category or article group, or it is possible to use the article group finder exhibiting pictures.

Amont the type-independent products from the window winder to the grease gun you may find all the products, that are general and cannot be limited to any actual vehicle. For instance, you may search for accessories, oils, liquids, instruments, tools, universal parts for cars, trucks and motorcycles alike.

Chassis number may also be used to select a vehicle, and the so-called exploded view and spare parts list may also be found for facilitating the identification of parts.

And finally, but no at the least, in the history you can find easily the list of vehicles selected earlier.

Delivery and payment

The ordered product can be taken over when delivered to the destination. The tracking of the order is possible with the use of identifier obtained during the ordering process.

The time of delivery depends on the selected country, on the availability of the product, and also on the occurrence of business days and holydays. .

The price of transport depends on the selected country and the size of the ordered product. The transporting cost of oversized product is different from that of standard products, the actual value of which can be seen at the basket part during delivery. Oversized products are provided with specific marking. The text “Oversized” is shown next to the price of the product.

In our Webshop you may use bank card  payment option to pay the price of the order.

Sales, promotions

You will always find the best offers at AutoAZ-nál. Many options are available from seasonal offers to special discounts. Subscribe to our newsletter so that you would be informed first about the weekly and monthly offers. If you participate in the loyalty programme, then you may receive personalized offers regularly regarding the vehicle type you reported in the AutoAZ garage. If you are a retailer or wholesale operator, then you are encouraged to visit our site, and find our phone application to be released soon. 

AutoAZ Premium Club loyalty programme

AutoAZ Premium Club

Our AutoAZ Premium Club loyalty programme has been launched. Thanks to the programme our customers will get back 5 % of the purchase price of the product in the form of AZ MONEY after purchasing. During the subsequent purchasing session, the AZ MONEY can be used for obtaining various parts or AutoAZ gifts!

For participating in the programme, it is required to register an account, since the AZ MONEY sum can be tracked in the user account.


AutoAZ saved vehicles function

Without this convenient function lots of time would be wasted by entering the data of your vehicle at each search for products. This trouble is eliminated in hour case!

At AutoAZ we have the primary objective to make both the search and purchasing quick and convenient, a great experience.

By using the AutoAZ garage function you may record your favourite vehicles , for which you try to find parts most frequently. Then, if you intend to purchase, the only think you have to do is to open the garage and with a single click you may start to select and order the necessary parts.