If the order is below the value 20 EUR

4,99 €

If the order is over the value 100 EUR



The free of charge delivery is not valid for the following cases:

• Oversized products
• Orders delivered to outside the territory of HUNGARY

Additional price is charged for oversized products.

The following parts belong to the oversized category:
battery, catalytic converter, exhaust pipe, exhaust silencer, sports silencers, threshold, fender, fuel tank, spoiler, tow hook, front grille, engine block cover, engine compartment hood, insulation of engine and the bumper.

The delivery cost of oversized goods is charged for each product separately. Delivering oversized goods to Deutschland : .. All oversized products are provided with marking to this effect. If the text “oversized” appears next to the price of the part, then it means that the given product cannot be placed in a standard box and/or is too heavy.

Time of delivery

The time of delivery depends on the availability of the product. Please check the availability of the product in the datasheet of the given product.

In stock

Means that the product is available in our warehouse. Products with this status will be delivered to the customer within 1-3 working days after receipt of the order payment.

Currently out of stock

This means that the product is not available, out of stock or no longer in production. You can order a similar product from another manufacturer.

Secure ordering

The general return period is 14 days. However, now it is possible to extend this to 365 days time period.

With the option of the Secure ordering you can return the purchased product free of charge within 365 days, and you may get back your money.

Main benefits:

  1. You do not have to find a forwarding agent if you wish to return a product, we will handle it for you.
  2. You do not have to pay for the transport – we will cover its costs.
  3. There are no strict deadlines: Instead of 14 days up to 365 days are available for you to return the purchased product.
  4. You will get what you want for sure: repayment or another product.

Guidelines for returning and paying back:

  • The product has to be returned in its original packaging.
  • All the goods in the original packaging shall be included.
  • The product shall be free of damage.
  • The product must not be installed.
  • The secure ordering option allows only one returning for each order.

Detailed information is available about the returning guidelines at the bottom of the page in the paragraph “Product returning and paying back.”

We will inspect the part thoroughly after receiving it from you. Subject to compliance with the conditions listed in the page “Product returning and paying back”, we will repay the sum quoted in the invoice to the bank account indicated by you.

The conditions of secure ordering are not valid for oversized goods and neither for formerly replaced parts. In addition to that, the conditions of secure ordering are not valid for other products within the same order, for which this option was not activated.