Handing of cookies

The anonym visitor identifier (cookie) is a unique series of signals (suitable for identification and storing of profiling information), which is placed by the service providers in the computer of visitors.


It is important to know, that such series of signals (because the IP address is not stored), is not suitable at all for identifying the visitor, i.e., the customer. It is good only for identifying the machine of the visitor.


It is not necessary to enter name, e-mail address of other personal information, since the service provider does not ask data when such solution is applied. The exchange of data takes place only between the machines.


Personalized information and customized service can only be provided, if the service providers are able to identify the habits and needs of their customers individually through the net.


We handle the anonym identifiers mentioned above, that do not contain personal data (similarly to other service providers), for the purpose of revealing the information usage of the visitors, on the basis of which we can improve our services, and that our visitors could get customized pages, or eventual marketing (commercial) materials. The anonym identifiers are not interconnected with the personal database. You can read detailed information at the website www.allaboutcookies.org.