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2022. 04. 22.

General Contracting Conditions

1.       Data of seller adatai

The UNIX AUT√ď KFt. (address: 1139 Budapest, Frangep√°n road. 55-57 tax code: 10465802-2-44, company registration No. Cg: 01-09-072803, hereinafter: ‚ÄěCompany‚ÄĚ) considering the present General Contracting Conditions (hereinafter: ‚ÄěGCC‚ÄĚ) for the product distributed by the Company (hereinafter: ‚ÄěProduct‚ÄĚ or ‚ÄěProducts‚ÄĚ) with regard the customers (customer according to Civil code: natural person acting outside its capacity as profession, employment or business venture, hereinafter: ‚ÄěCustomer‚ÄĚ) to be valid for purchase contract signed with the Company .

the purchase contract constituting the subject of the present GCC in the webshop of the Company ( , hereinafter: ‚ÄěWebshop‚ÄĚ) based on order placed by the Customer personally at the subsidiary indicated when purchasing is made at the Webshop, the Company will deliver to the Customer against paying the purchase price indicate at the webshop.


2.       Use of the Webshop


For a comprehensive use of the Webshop it is required for the Customer to register. After registration, the Customer will be able to log in the Webshop with the help of the data established during the registration process. The data provided by the Customer will be used exclusively by the company according the data handling regulations of the Company and based on  data protection statement. You may check the validity of the data before accepting, you may ask modification of your data, including to delate it from the database of the Webshop any time through the interface of the Webshop. Registration is not necessary for a limited use of the Webshop and for browsing in the database.

The Customer signs a written contract with the Company by sending an order initiated at the Webshop, for which contract the applicable law is the law of the country from where the Customer submitted the order and/or where the Customer requested the product to be delivered.

The Company can accept the order, if the Customer fully fills the fields found at the website with true information at the time of the registration and when placing the order. If the Customer fails to comply with this requirement, then the Company cannot assume responsibility for the problems occurring during the process, particularly in association with the internet connection.


2.1.  Steps of registration:

A¬† can be started at this webpage. First provide your basic data. After entering the basic data, you have the opportunity to register your own vehicle too. If you do not register your vehicle, then you can finalize the registration by clicking on the registration button. We will send an acknowledging e-mail to the address specified at the time of registration. Click on the button ‚ÄúConfirm registration‚ÄĚ in this message.


2.2.  Purchasing:

Log in to the webshop with your access data. Select the product you wish to order after logging in, and then click on the ‚ÄúBasket‚ÄĚ button. A popup window appears after clicking of the ‚ÄúBasket‚ÄĚ button, where the quantity to be ordered can be specified. Click on the ‚ÄúBasket‚ÄĚ button after entering the quantity of order. The basket lateral panel opens when the product is placed in the basket, in which the products placed in the basket so far can be seen. If you wish to continue the purchasing, then click on the button ‚ÄúContinue purchasing‚ÄĚ. For finalizing the purchasing click on the button ‚ÄúGo to Basket‚ÄĚ. In the opened basket you can check the products to be ordered, including their quantities. In the summarizing panel you can check the price of the order, you may select whether you wish to exchange any promotion, and you can modify the mode of reception. After checking all the data click on the button ‚ÄúGo to order‚ÄĚ. Enter the invoicing and contact information, then click on the button ‚ÄúContinue‚ÄĚ. Check the contact information and the ordered items, then click on the button ‚ÄúPlace order‚ÄĚ. After placing an order successfully, you may resume browsing by clicking on the ‚ÄúGo to webshop‚ÄĚ. The order will be processes after placing, and we will send an e-mail message about its finalization.

The information about the stock regarding the Product will appear next to the product in the Webshop. If it turns out that the product is not in the stock in spite of the shown information, then the Company will contact the Customer via e-mail specified by the Customer, and the order could be modified as agreed by the parties, or the price already paid will be returned by the Company to the Consumer.

2.3.  Acknowledging the order, lack of its acknowledging:

The Customer will receive an acknowledging e-mail after placing the order. If this acknowledging does not arrive at the Customer within the time period reasonably acceptable considering the nature of the service, or within 48 hours at the latest, then the Customer will be released from the obligations related to the offer or the contract. The order and its acknowledgment may be considered as delivered to the Company and to the Customer, when such order and acknowledgment becomes available for them. The Company will not be responsible for the acknowledgement, if it does not arrive in time because the Customer gave wrong e-mail during the registration, or cannot receive messages because of the overload in the storage belonging to its account.

2.4.  Correcting error in entered data:

Before concluding the ordering process the Customer is able to step back to the previous phase, where the entered data can be corrected.

It is possible to look at or modify the content of the basket during the ordering process, if the basket does not contain the quantity to be purchased. The content of the basket regarding the given Product can be modified by clicking on the + or ‚Äď button, except when at least 2 pcs of the product have to be purchased. (e.g., brake disks, which are to be replaced simultaneously because of safety reason). The Customer may also delete the product from the basket by clicking on the button ‚ÄúRemove‚ÄĚ next to the Product.

During the ordering process the Customer is able to correct or delete the entered data.

2.5.  Time of delivery:

More information is available about the expected delivery after clicking on the button ‚ÄúDelivery information‚ÄĚ regarding each product. .

2.6.  Costs and conditions of delivery:

The Customer may receive further information about costs of delivery by clicking on the button ‚ÄúDelivery‚ÄĚ. In addition to that, the Customer is informed about the delivery costs, when the ‚ÄúMode of delivery‚ÄĚ is selected during the ordering process of the product.

2.7. Damages during the transport

2.7.1 For delivering the product, the Seller uses curriers, parcel delivery services and forwarding agents. If the goods arrive at the destination in damages condition, then the Purchaser has to report such observation directly to the employee of the parcel delivery service. Together with the currier the Purchaser is obliged to fill a written document, a damage report upon detecting the damage. The kind and extent of damage shall be documented in writing in the damage report. The Purchaser is entitled to decline taking over the damaged goods.

2.8. Secure ordering

2.8.1. If the Consumer selects and buys the option ‚ÄúSecure ordering‚ÄĚ during the ordering process, then the generally available period for cancelling the order, which is 14 days according to the law, will be extended to 200 days. In case of secure ordering the Seller undertakes to take back the goods without demanding explanation within 200 days against the payment of 990¬†HUF lump sum. The return process in case of ‚ÄúSecure ordering‚ÄĚ is the same as the normal return process.¬†

Guidelines for returning and paying back:

·         The product has to be returned in its original packaging.

·         All the goods in the original packaging shall be included.

·         The product shall be free of damage.

·         The product must not be installed.

·         The secure ordering option allows only one returning for each order.

We will inspect the part thoroughly after receiving it from you. Subject to compliance with the above conditions, we will replace the product with new part, or repay the money depending on your choice.


The conditions of secure ordering are not valid for oversized goods and neither for formerly replaced parts. In addition to that, the conditions of secure ordering are not valid for other products within the same order, for which this option was not activated.

3. Prices and mode of payment

3.1. When purchasing in the Webshop, the user can select from the following modes of payment:

·         PayPal

·         Online bank card payment

·         Barion

Online-Bankkartenzahlungen werden √ľber das Barion-System abgewickelt. Die Karteninformationen werden nicht an den H√§ndler weitergegeben. Die Leistung anbietende Barion Payment Zrt. ist ein Institut unter Aufsicht der Ungarischen Nationalbank. Ihre Lizenznummer lautet: H-EN-I-1064/2013

3.2. The prices shown next to the products to be sold in the Webshop are gross prices in Hungarian forint. The prices include the packing necessary for the delivery. The Company retains the right of changing the prices, and the right of terminating the announced promotions without giving information about that.  The options cash on delivery and remittance are not available at our Webshop.

4. Warranty

4.1. Right of warranty

4.1.1. According to Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council, and in line with the provisions of decree on detailed rules for contracts between customers and companies (II.26.) Korm, the customer is entitled to cancel the contract within 14 days after receiving the ordered product or may terminate the contract (hereinafter we refer to the cancellation and termination jointly as cancellation), and may return the ordered product.

4.1.2. The time period available for exercising the right of cancellation expires after 14 days counted from the day when the Customer, or a third person delegated by the Consumer, but other than the forwarding agent, takes over the product.

4.1.3. The Consumer may exercise the right of cancellation within the time period between the day of signing the contract and the day of taking over the product.

4.1.4. The legal regulations valid in the given country are applicable for any defective performance.

4.1.5.a The cost of returning the product has to be paid by the Customer, the Company cannot assume the responsibility for paying such costs.

4.1.6 All our customers have 14 days from the day of delivery to withdraw from the purchase. If you choose a secure order, we provide 365 days to enforce the right of withdrawal. When canceling a purchase, the cost of returning the package is charged to the consumer in all cases, even in the case of normal and oversized packages. The seller bears the cost of returning the warranty products within the warranty period.

4.2. Details of warranty

4.2.1 The provisions of the law are valid for your rights regarding quality and property deficiencies, unless otherwise regulated below.

4.2.2 The warranty rights regarding the Customers expire in two years in case of new articles, while in one year in case of used articles.

4.2.3 In case of warranty claim, you are entitled to choose the repair of fault, or the delivery of the goods in fault-free condition (subsequent performance). If the selected supplementary performance gives rise to unproportionally high costs, then the claim is limited to the other type of supplementary performance. We will inform you about this situation if necessary.

4.2.4. The entrepreneurs, as customers are not responsible for the faults of used products. This is not valid in case of serious negligence or intentional action. In case of new items, the warranty rights expire in one year counted from the moment the risk is passed.

4.2.5. The Seller shall not be liable for any defects for which the Buyer is responsible, the cause(s) of which are:

In case of natural wear and tear
In case of natural wear and tear
Natural wear and tear
Unfair or improper use
Faulty assembly, in particular if the ordered part is obviously unsuitable
Failure to observe the instructions for use
Incorrect handling or repair
In case of defective sub-assemblies
The label on the packaging must not be missing, must not be soiled and must not contain any additional markings or inscriptions.
The product cannot be precisely identified
If the returned product does not match the one sent.