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Belts. water and fuel pipes

In addition to the engine's seat belt. In addition to its most patents and unique technology, the gates name is the invention of the belt. Gates founded its future. Gates in close cooperation with car manufacturers develops complete belt drives. As a result, Gates transports the Audi R8 oil pump system, the latest start-stop system for BMW. Ducati asked Gates as a belt drive expert to resolve the timing belt tension in AV2 engine. Previously, this engine had to be carried into a service at 5000 km due to its strap tension.

The latest developments have replaced the chloropren (rubber derivative) raw material and make straps from EPDM, which is more durable and more resistant to the raised heat load of the engine. This is a technological change as when light metal frame was replaced by carbon. Their recent product is the stretch belt, which has a flexible stretching strap in a material.