Huge selection of truck parts on the AutoAZ website

In the Universal Truck Parts category you will find a number of important products, including Towing (towing), Lighting (lighting), Brake Parts (brake parts), Electrical Parts (electrical parts), Body Parts (body parts), load securing (load securing), air suspension (air suspension), rear view mirror (rear view mirror), auxiliary heating (auxiliary heating), bumpers, underrun protection (bumpers, underrun protection) and air brake parts (air brake parts).


These products are of high quality and available at affordable prices. AutoAz offers a wide range of products for trucks and provides all the necessary parts for the efficient operation and maintenance of your vehicle.

Why is my truck battery not working?

A non-functioning truck battery can be an indication of a dead battery, bad connections, faulty cables or a faulty starter motor. It should be checked and replaced if necessary.

How do I replace the brake pads on my truck?

To replace the brake pads, the truck must be lifted, the wheels removed, the calipers loosened and the brake pads replaced according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Why is my truck's engine overheating?

Overheating of your truck's engine may indicate problems with the cooling system, thermostat, radiator hoses or the radiator itself. A diagnosis is needed.

How do I replace the truck's fan belt?

To replace the belt, loosen the tensioner, remove the old belt and install the new belt according to the manufacturer's instructions.